Our faves from companies who really, really, REALLY care about the quality of their products. The best ingredients make the most delicious food.



No matter how much you rock in the kitchen who always has time to cook incredible, healthy meals? Help is on the way!

The Good Kitchen makes eating well easy.

Fresh, sustainably sourced, fully prepared, way delicious meals delivered right to your door.

Paleo, Whole30, Keto, and Vegetarian options available. Eat Better. Live Fully. Use code DEARDELICIOUS for 20% off your 1st order at The Good Kitchen.


Uncompromisingly Delicious

Their philosophy is simple: every bite of food you eat should be both delicious and made with real ingredients, no sacrifices here.

Made with Real Ingredients

Primal Kitchen pantry staples are free of preservatives, additives and artificial ingredients. No dairy, gluten, grains, or soy. Paleo friendly and primal approved.

Dear Delicious Runs On Primal Kitchen

For real! Their mayo and avocado oil are a daily staple at our HQ and the rest of the line up makes frequent appearances on our plates in our snack pantry.

Use code DEARDELICIOUS at checkout and get 10% off your order!


Califlour Foods

Always healthy. Never Boring.

eating healthy should taste as good as it makes you feel

Most people are tired of sacrificing flavor for health. That is why they developed unique grain free cauliflower based products that actually satisfy your cravings so you can maintain your healthy lifestyle!

More killer brands coming soon!