Coconut Curry Cabbage Kale Slaw

Coconut Curry Cabbage Kale Slaw.png

Coconut Curry Cabbage Kale Slaw

Recipe courtesy of Superfood School Head Mistress, Lynnette Astaire. Click HERE to check out her Dear Delicious podcast feature!

Serves 4-6

Makes 8 cups / 10 min


1 1/4c coconut cream  

1 1/4c hearts of palm 

2tb curry powder

1c green onions (scallions) about 1-2 bunches

3c purple cabbage

2c greens (kale ideal)

1c currants or raisins

1/2c sliced raw almonds

Salt to taste

Sugar to taste (optional)


1. Mix coconut cream, curry powder and add salt and sugar to taste (both balance out the flavors well)

2. Roughly chop hearts of palm

3. Mince green onions

4. Shred cabbage (chop or process into a slaw)

5. Chop spinach

6. Mix well



  • Can’t find coconut cream? Blend 1-2 avocados instead

  • Add a dash of smoked paprika or natural smoked flavor for a grilled taste

  • For a richer, thicker sauce blend 1/8c of hearts of palm and 1/8c of raisins to coconut curry mixture

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